Publicity Photos

Baroque Quartet 1Angela and LauraBaroque Quartet 3Baroque Quartet 4Flute Trumpet Trio 1Flute Trumpet Trio 2Flute TrumpetFlute Piano DuoFlute Piano DuoFlute Harp TrumpetFlute Harp 1Flute Harp 2Flute Harp 3


Angela Smiling in front of GreeneryAngela in field looking off into distanceAngela Serious in front of GreeneryKris sitting on a bench with TrumpetKris Smiling in front of treesPaul Smiling in front of Greenery with Violin in handPaul in front of HarpsichordRachel Aguilar smiling with Violin in handPaulo with violin looking into distanceLaura with CelloLaura with Cello sidewaysRachel O'Brien outside with HarpRachel at Harp with serious lookRachel standing next to HarpAlexandra sitting at HarpsichordCaroline at Piano with serious lookCaroline Outside smilingCaroline sitting at piano smilingKeru standing next to piano smiling

Past Performances

Baroque Quartet 4Baroque Quartet 5Flute Harp Duo 1Flute Harp Duo 2Flute Harp 2Flute Piano Duo 1Flute Piano Duo 2Flute Piano Duo 3Flute Piano Duo 4Flute Piano Duo 5Flute Trumpet Harp 1Flute Trumpet Harp 2Flute and Harp PerformanceFlute HarpFlute HarpFlute Harp PhoebeFlute TrumpetFlute Cello Piano 1Flute Cello Piano 2