The Astralis Chamber Ensemble is an innovative and dynamic ensemble performing with much acclaim across the globe. Through creative programming and presentations on the works performed, Astralis aims to make classical music more accessible and for audiences to make a lasting connection to the music. Concert tours are arranged to include rural communities and reach audiences without access to classical music. These award-winning musicians represent decades of experience across many of the world’s major venues and notable concert series. With instrument pairings that are unique worldwide, the ensemble expands the repertoire available through commissions and arrangements. ACE aims to support the development of the arts through new compositions and reach communities of all backgrounds through music.

Thank you to our donors for their generosity:


  • The Gregory Family
  • Martha Shippy


  • Anonymous
  • David and Karen Paulin
  • Anonymous


  • Diane and John Colin
  • Elizabeth Meador
  • Jesse Hughes
  • Greg Lane
  • Janet Ullman

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